Team building

La Distinction is proud to offer you the opportunity to organize Team Building training courses!

The aim of team building is to strengthen social ties within a group of people belonging to a company or institution. Through a variety of activities, the members of your team get to know each other, with the aim of creating or consolidating their cohesion, thus developing a sense of belonging to the group and to the company.

We suggest starting the day with a delicious breakfast, then directing you to the workshop of your choice among our 3 proposals. Different spheres of activity are offered to you. Different spheres of activity are offered to you. First, music in a percussion class with Baratanga. Secondly, physical activity in an open-air cardio class with Cardio Plein-Air Joliette.  Finally, you will attend a Guy Bourgeois, speaker, motivator, trainer and author. To round off the training, we’re offering a meal to give you time to discuss your experience!


Between 1 and 2 hours, depending on the workshop.


Event tailored according to your requirements. Flexible schedule and menus. Reach out to your consultant for further details.

Choose your workshop

Percussion Workshop

Baratanga’s team development activity aims to ease the connections between members of the same group. You’ll solidify your ties in an unusual, dynamic manner. Please note that no musical experience is required to participate and have fun! This team activity consists of a succession of game units, facilitated and given in a safe, non-competitive environment. A respectful attitude is heartily encouraged to allow every member freedom of expression.

Outdoor Cardio

The goal of Cardio Plein-Air Joliette workshops is for each training session to be a pleasant experience. In addition, these workshops will infuse you with energy, fresh air, and interesting discussions. Their team focuses on the details so you can have an unforgettable experience.  There’s no need to ask why, year after year, their clients turn into followers and proud ambassadors!


Guy Bourgeois is first and foremost a seasoned speaker. Sometimes recognized as either the author or co-author of the Kilo Cardio books, as a trainer, columnist or even for his foundation.  One of a kind, he has the ability to deliver his message simply, clearly and enthusiastically.  His words, based on his personal story and experience, invite the listener to go beyond, stimulate action and will capture your audience each and every time.  Acknowledged as a master of motivation and sales, Guy excels through his eloquence, sense of humour and authenticity.