Because your love is one in a million, it deserves our unwavering attention.

Our experienced consultants will work with you to design personalized scenarios, refined menus and stylized service.  Whether you’re planning a wedding that’s Québecois, traditional, one of a kind, a union of two cultures or two people of the same sex, we will customize it so that your dream comes true.

Because successful wedding planning must reflect your image and expectations, we have a bounty of ideas that will make your celebration a truly exceptional event that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Take advantage of our wedding consultants’ expertise and knowhow and avoid the stress of planning for your special day alone…. After all, you have so many other things to think about!

Our Coordinators

You cannot improvise when it comes to a successful wedding reception. Planning for the big day can become stressful for future newlyweds as a multitude of details arise, each one more crucial than the last. La Distinction and its professional wedding planning coordinators will be at your side from the very first planning stages up until D-day.

Their considerable wedding planning experience and superior organizational skills define them. Passionate, creative, calm, and reassuring, they are responsive to each couple’s particular wish list, turning each wedding into a dream event. For our coordinators, nothing is impossible.  We’ve heard whispers that they may even have access to fairy dust!

Our consultants’ experience is also ideal for planning your other events, notably wedding anniversaries, reunions of family or friends, christenings, graduations and so much more.

Our complementary services


A professional entertainer will make all the difference to the uniqueness and rhythm of an evening.


What could be better than a professional string duo, trio or quartet to add a touch of magic to your ceremony? Click here to hear excerpts of Annie Parent and her colleagues.


If you’d like live music played at your reception, what could be better than a live band to electrify the atmosphere?

Popular musicians

We can suggest a panoply of musicians who will interpret or play the sweetest tunes in a variety of styles such as pop, jazz, etc.

Horse-drawn buggy

What could be more romantic for newlyweds or celebrants than arriving in a buggy? Let us take you on an out of the ordinary stroll.


A helicopter arrival will never go unnoticed! Take off to your wedding, business or other meeting and allow us to work out the logistics.

LIMOUSINE / antique car

Why not become a star for the evening or for the day? Use our limousine or antique car service and make a big splash. We can supply you with several different models.

Drive-home program

After a night of revelry, don’t let your guests drink and drive. Take advantage of our drive-home program to safely give the evening a truly happy ending.

Decorating service

Sometimes, all you need are a few decorative items to transform an event into a magical setting!  Our professional wedding reception and corporate event planning team will help you design breathtaking décor.

Florist / centrepiece

Every event, whether it’s a wedding or another gathering, deserves magnificent flowers! In keeping with your preferences and budget, we’ll take care of this important facet of decoration.

PHOTOGRAPHEr / VIdeographer

A picture is worth a thousand words! No matter what event you’re hosting, it should be immortalized and kept in your souvenir album. We have a photographer or videographer available to capture all the high points.


What could be better than a dash of humor to spice up your reception? In addition to the gales of laughter, your guests will have a souvenir to take home.


Disguised, jovial and fun, our enthusiastic entertainers will make your children’s eyes light up: make-up, games, balloons are all part of the fun, delighting the little ones and their parents alike.

Inflatable games

What could be more fun than providing children with inflatable games? Add a few pillows and blankets in the evening and you have a ready-made outdoor sleepover.

Gifts for your guests

Giving your guests a present at your wedding reception can be both a well-appreciated little show of attention and a beautiful souvenir of your special day.

Officiant or notary

The legal aspect of marriage should not be undertaken lightly. If you do not have a notary to guide you through this important procedure, we can refer you to notarial law professionals.

Releasing doves

Une colombe est partie en voyage… you may find yourself humming this as they take off toward the sky. What a romantic touch for your wedding reception or for any other event worthy of such a highlight!

Announcement / INVITATION

An announcement is the first connection you’ll make with the people you wish to invite to your wedding reception or anniversary, engagement party or other events. We can suggest models that will be exactly right for every taste.


A cartoonist will quickly become your guests’ focal point. They’ll take home an original souvenir that they’ll remember for a long time.


Abracadabra! Surprise your guests – young or old – because, as the quote says, magic touches people in the way great art does. It lets them see the world with new eyes.